Conferences & Trade Fairs

In accordance with its statutes, the German Winegrowers’ Association organizes a viticultural conference at regular intervals. The conference takes place in conjunction with a viticultural exhibition.

As of 1969 – given their increasing importance – the conference and exhibition were referred to as the international viticultural exhibition “INTERVITIS”; as of 1983, as “INTERVITIS – International Exhibition for Viticulture, Oenology, Bottling and Packaging Technology. In 1989 the trade fair was extended to include fruit and fruit juice, and was henceforth known as INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA.

In 2014, the DLG, as a top agricultural organisation and host of agricultural trade fairs and exhibitions, was engaged as technical supporter for special crops. At the end of November 2016, the trade fair took place for the first time under the name INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA HORTITECHNICA.

The name of the exhibition and its logo (“the little grape man”) have been trademarked by the Geman Winegrowers’ Association. The goal of the conference and exhibition is to enrich winegrowers’ knowledge about the latest findings on Oenology and vineyard maintenance through events, as well as educational exhibits and demonstrations. The fair organizers are assisted in this effort by the exhibitors – companies that are active in the industry.

At the same time, the conference and exhibition are an opportunity to strengthen the position of German viticulture and its wines amidst international competitors. Furthermore, the conferences seek to foster public awareness of German viticultural issues, as well as to make these concerns clear to official authorities.

The first viticultural conference was held in Trier in 1874. All preparations had been made for the 39th conference, set to take place in 1939. It had to be cancelled, due to the outbreak of the war. After 1945, the viticultural conferences took place in various places: Bad Kreuznach in 1950, Freiburg in 1952, Heilbronn in 1954, Würzburg in 1957, Bad Dürkheim in 1960, Mainz in 1963, Stuttgart in 1966, and Offenburg in 1969. Since 1972, the conferences and exhibitions have regularly been held in Stuttgart. Since 1990, the association’s “marketing conference” has been included – known as “Perspectives and Impulses” – in order to encourage winegrowing enterprises to increase their awareness and implementation of marketing measures.